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The goal of this project is to develop a line of sustainable handicrafts made from local environmentally friendly material. CDP intends to do this by creating materials that reflect the roots of their organization and the tradition of the Bengali people while also focusing on current trends to make a marketable good. Some buyers in Dhaka and the United States have expressed interest in selling some of the wares CDP is producing. So, the prospects of creating some positive connections for an innovative market is extremely possible.

Sustainable livelihood

Building a sustainable livelihood is the key to creating a better life for these people. While the organization will work tirelessly to help these people in need our main goal is to empower them to create a positive, healthy, and productive community for themselves with local solutions to local problems. In the interest of achieving these goals, CDP requests support to develop these community empowerment projects. The funding will go to training, marketing, developing, and producing goods with a long term goal of having the business run completely by the local woman. Any donations received will be used effectively to continue the execution of these projects and. We will focus on providing consumers with information on the positive repercussions of their purchase for the environment and for society.